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February offers the best travel deals in New York but at a cost. It is cold! For travelers coming from the summer in the Southern Hemisphere, the adjustment is a challenge. But if you brave the cold, there are cheaper hotel rooms and flights, deals to be had, and many things to do in New York in February.  

February offers an affordable way for travelers and New Yorkers to take advantage of New York’s restaurants, shows and attractions on the cheap. During February is Restaurant Week, Broadway Week, and Must-See Week, which offer steep discounts for some of New York’s top restaurants, Broadway Shows and attractions. Make your restaurant reservations ticket purchases in advance, as more popular options fill up fast. 

If you do come, be sure to pack appropriately and take advantage of the seasonal activities, like the Chinese Lunar New Year and others listed below, along with year-round attractions and activities in New York.

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See our full list of deals, events, and things to do in New York in February below! If you’re considering coming to New York another month, check out our guide, “When is the best time to come to New York?”

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Fanelli Cafe  in Soho in the Snow in

The classic Fanelli Cafe in Soho in the Snow.

Weather in New York City in February

February offers shorter lines and deals for travelers, but you pay the price with the weather. Slightly warmer than January, the average low temperature is below freezing, 29F (-2), while the daily high is 42F (5C). With luck it is possible to have days above 50F (10C), but just as likely are bitter cold days that the temperature reaching below 20F (-8C).

Since, the temperature floats above and below the freezing point, both rain and snow are possible in February. On average, there are seven days of precipitation in the month of February, with about three days of snow. Normally, only two of the days of snow will have any significant accumulation of over 1 inch (2.5cm).

BE AWARE: Occasionally, New York receives blizzards of upwards of over a foot of snow (30cm). This has occurred 10 times in the past 20 years. Two of the times recorded over 2 feet of snow (60cm). Significant snowfall does cause plane cancelations and the closures of many New York attractions and businesses. But don’t worry, after a major snowfall New York is up and running within 24 hours. 

How to pack for New York in February

You need a good winter coat! Most New Yorkers will wear down feather coats in the winter. In addition, bring hats, gloves and a scarf. 

Wear layers! It is well worth it to bring base layers (thermal clothing). Uniqlo’s heatech thermals are a good cheaper option.

Keep your feet warm and dry! If it rains or snows, streets may get wet, icy and snowy for days. Winter boots are essential. As are good warm socks. Be aware when choosing boots, that the sidewalks are salted, to melt the ice. Salt may stain your leather boots!

Empty MoMa with Les Demoiselles d'Avignon

February might be cold, but there are fewer crowds and great deals for indoor attractions, like the Museum of Modern Art.

What to do in New York in February

There are year-round activities, we recommend, like going up a skyscraper, boat rides to see or visit the statue of liberty, museums, and Streetwise New York walking tours of New York’s many can’t miss neighborhoods!

This is a list of seasonal activities and things to do in February and special deals. Take advantage of coming to New York in the month with the most discounts!


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